Wednesday, May 04, 2011

30 Days Of Music~~Day Four

Day four prompt is a tough one for me..

~~~~A Song That Makes You Sad~~~~

I have a whole playlist on my ipod titled "tears" so instead of listing them all I will give you the top three that never fail to make me bawl like a baby.

1: Address in the Stars by Caitlin & Will

I know that a lot of people associate this song with soldiers, but since I actually haven't lost anyone close to me to death in a LONG time, I feel that this song is about what I KNOW I will go through when the time comes for me to say goodbye to my BEST friend ( my mother). There isn't a day that we don't talk on the phone at least a hundred times and I know that it will be hard to loose her.

2:To Say Goodbye by Joey & Rory

There are a few people that I have lost in my life and I would give anything just to be able to say goodbye to them.

3: How Can I Help You to Say Goodbye by Patty Loveless

I fell in love with this song at a young age. My grandfather had just recently passed away and I was having a hard time with it, but this song helped me get through it.



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