Monday, July 11, 2011

How I Met Your Mother Is A Show That Will Last


I think sitcoms have made a comeback this year and there are some really great ones on TV. My favorite is How I Met Your Mother. Ted has been telling the story of how he met his children's mother for several years now. I think the kids would have become bored and told their father to get on with it by now, but I really love this show.

I keep telling my husband that we're not going to know who he married until the very last episode. In fact I think it'll be someone we've never seen on the show. Hopefully, they'll prove me wrong I think it would be more fun if it's a character that we know.

Ted is an architect who is currently teaching at a college. He is friends with Marshall, Lily, Robin and Barney. Marshall and Lily are married and are trying to have a baby. Ted and Robin used to date and she also dated Barney. She isn't dating anyone right now. However, I liked her and Ted together.

I watch How I Met Your Mother on I can easily check my guide and set my DVR to record the show continuously. With this capability I have yet to miss an episode. The only problem is I tend to record too many shows and I keep running out of space.

The Author of this post is Rory Reilly


  1. Lol - we LOVE this series, especially Barney! Agreed, Ted and Robin were wonderful together - but it was a riot when they paired Barney and Robin :D

  2. well, who doesn't love this show,
    this Show is awesome just like barney...the next show is gonna be legen....wait for it....dary