Sunday, March 11, 2012

SoftClaws~ Purrfect alternative to Declawing!!

We have only had Carmello for a few months (7) and even though we love her to pieces, we don't love that she scratches whatever she can find in the house; even though she has 4 scratching posts scattered around here. After finding scratch marks all over my leather headboard, I started contemplating having her declawed. After a heck of a lot of research and soul searching, I knew that I had to find another alternative; I mean, what if she accidentally got outside? How would she defend herself if she had her "fingertips" amputated? I began my research by googling of course.

The I received an email about SoftClaws. SoftClaws is a genius product that allows you to save yourself the cost of new furniture and the pain of having your cat declawed. SoftClaws was invented by a Veterinarian, and is completely safe and non-toxic.  SoftClaws does NOT interfere with the normal extension and retraction of your cats claws!

Carmello wasn't too happy when I got a hold of her to clip her nails prior to application of the SoftClaws; but there wasn't too much bloodshed on my part. After clipping her nails and getting a hold of her again; I sat down with the package of SoftClaws and started reading. The instructions are simple to follow and you have everything you need in the package.

*Each Soft Claws kit contains 40 nail caps, 2 tubes of adhesive, 6 applicator tips and easy to follow instructions.

One kit contains enough for 4 front paw applications. Each application lasts approximately 4-6 weeks; therefore, each kit lasts approximately 4-6 months and is only $18.95.

Soft Claws are available in the following sizes:
kitten, small, medium & large.

Honestly, it was like putting acrylic nails on myself. It really is that simple. You take the included adhesive, put a few drops in the nail cap and then apply to your cat's nail. After you have added all the caps, they say to watch your cat for at least 5 minutes just to make sure there are no problems; Carmelo wouldn't stay near me afterwards, but she was fine! SoftClaws are even safe for adding to the hind claws if you so choose.

Carmello has had the nail caps on for a few weeks now ( both front and rear claws) and I have only had to replace 2 caps due to her chewing them off ( she did not swallow the caps, found them in my bed!!) Even though she seems a little ticked at me for applying the nail caps, otherwise she is fine. She still extends her claws to scratch and to play, only now my furniture and skin are safe. The only downside to the SoftClaws ( and I'm sure Carmello does it on purpose) is that when Carmello uses the litter box; she scratches the sides and the plastic on plastic sound is awful!! But i can stand a little noise to make sure that the furniture and Carmello are safe!!

The SoftClaws come in some amazing colors and color combinations. We chose the Pink and Red combo for Carmello, in a size small (based on her weight) and couldn't be happier with the colors. The pink is vibrant and perfect for our girl!


And if you don't have a cat, but have a dog and would like to know more, SoftClaws are available for dogs as well!!


Please stay tuned for an awesome giveaway! Thanks to the wonderful people at SoftClaws, one lucky My Chaotic Ramblings reader will have the chance to win their own set of SoftClaws in the size and color of their choice!!! If you want to get a jump on the giveaway, and earn some extra entries.. Head on over to SoftClaws, have a look around then come back here and leave a comment on this post with what size and color you would like to win! Make sure to leave your email address so I can match you up for your extra entries!!


* I was provided with a product to test out. All opinions are just that...MY opinion!!



  1. This has got to be truly one of the most interesting inventions I have ever seen! We once adopted a cat that was declawed front and back! She was an old girl and they wanted to put her down. She lived out 5 good years with us before passing away. We now have another cat who has claws that are like razor blades, but like you I just can't do a declawing. This product is perfect!! He is all black, and while a "he" I got to admit the pink would look great against his long black fur! :) Now to talk the hubby into pink nails for his male cat!! lol

  2. Interesting. I will check this out for my cat. She is a scratcher too.

  3. What a splendid idea!!! We used to have cats everywhere!! People would drop off their unwanted cats by our house (grrr) and at one point we had over 12 cats! Then one had babies... luckily we rehomed them all before we moved and don't live near a big barn anymore so don't collect cats anymore.
    Anyway, we had our two indoor babies declawed because our kids were little. I would have loved this solution! So much better than a surgery!!!!

  4. They have some other awesome colors available. My mom ordered orange and blue for her black cats!!

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