Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Landscaping with Drift Roses ~Guest Post~

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People have a love affair with roses. The rose is a representation of love and beauty and many people are now choosing to grow their own roses in their yards. One type of rose that is in high demand is the drift rose. The high demand for drift roses has led to new drift roses being created.

Drift roses offer a special niche in the market of shrub roses. A drift rose is a cross between miniature roses and ground cover roses. The miniature aspect of the drift rose gives it the repeat blooming nature, as well as an easy to manage size. The ground cover rose offers winter hardiness, disease resistance and an overall toughness. Drift roses have a low spreading habit that makes them the perfect fit for a small flower garden or in a combination planter.

Colors of Drift Roses

The first colors of drift roses that were available were red, pink, coral and peach. Of all of these colors, pink has been evaluated to be the best performer in a landscaping situation. The pink drift roses were followed by peach, then coral and finally red when it comes to performance. There are a few new colors that have just been released, but they have not yet been evaluated.

The new colors of drift roses include several lovely options. Apricot offers a brilliant show of double apricot blooms for amazing color in the landscape. Reminiscent of a light snowfall, Icy provides a show of delicate double blooms that are pure white. Finally, Sweet Drift Roses display clear pink double blooms, almost as if the lips of little cherubs have kissed your landscape.

All of the drift roses available have blooming habits that typically continue from the spring until the first hard frost of the fall. The versatility of drift roses and the wide range of colors available provide gardeners with a brilliant plant that can be used in any type of landscape situation, including in containers.

Drift Roses Offer Multiple Blooms Cycles

Many gardeners don’t realize that drift roses have about five cycles of blooms per year. The peak blooms are the April spring bloom and the October fall bloom. However, the second or summer bloom is typically quite impressive as well. This notable quality makes the drift rose a wonderful addition to add color to the landscape with little effort.

Drift roses should be planted in a landscape bed that has been well prepared. They can be used to fill in spaces in order to give your landscape color throughout the year. The drift rose is fairly easy to care for and not at all finicky. They can grow to be about two to three feet tall and two to three feet wide. They are the perfect choice for the beginning landscaper or the busy homeowner who wants an easy to care for plant.

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