Saturday, February 01, 2014

Taking Care of Mom: Managing Worry

One of the most common problems faced by mothers today is their inability to stop worrying. It’s just a natural thing for mothers to do. We know that our children our young and don’t realize all of the dangers within the world, so we worry. Not only do we worry about our children, but we also worry about our relationships with others, our jobs, our finances and many more things. For some reason, women seem to be more susceptible to excessive worrying. However, as mothers, we need to realize that while we’re worrying about all of the dangers surrounding our children and our lives excessive worrying is a danger in itself.

There are many health problems that can arise when we allow ourselves to worry too much. Now, please understand that worrying is a normal thing for people to do, especially mothers, it’s the excessive worrying that we need to control. Excessive worrying is when you find yourself worrying about something practically all day, every day. This is the worrying that can cause health problems. The health problems that can arise from excessive worrying include:
·         Anxiety Attacks
·         Digestive Disorders
·         Physical Illness
·         High Blood Pressure
·         Muscle Tension
·         Weak Immune System
·         Premature Coronary Artery Disease
·         Heart Attack
·         Memory Loss
The list above is a short list of the health problems that can be caused by excessive worrying. As good mothers, the thing we want most is to be in good health so we can always be here for our children. Therefore, it’s important that we learn how to manage our worry. Below are a few things that can help you manage worry.

Eat Right: It’s important to realize that when you’re excessively worrying about something, you’re most likely not eating right. Therefore, concentrate on eating a healthy, balanced diet. Make sure you are eating enough throughout the day, but also make sure you aren’t overdoing it either. Eating right is important when trying to control your worrying because when you’re focused on eating right, you’re not focusing on the things you’re usually worrying about. It’s also important for your physical health.

Exercise Daily: Exercising has a way of making us feel better. When you exercise every day, you will be giving your mind a break from the worries that have been plaguing it. You will also be releasing chemicals within your body that work to improve your immune system.

Meditate: Meditation has been around for centuries and is well-known for its therapeutic powers. In order to meditate correctly, you must be in a quiet place and be still. You must clear your mind and concentrate on nothing but the present. This means that you must not allow your mind to think about anything that may happen in the future or has happened in the past. Meditating daily has been proven effective in helping manage worry and stress.

Relax: Make time to relax every day. Even if you can only find 20 minutes, it will help reduce your worrying tremendously. Methods for relaxing is different for everyone, you may be able to relax by reading a book, watching television, soaking in the bathtub or gardening. The key is that you take the time to do whatever it is that relaxes you every day.

Get Counseling: If you struggle with excessive counseling and can’t control it on your own, then you need to find a therapist. Just having someone to talk to about your excessive worrying will help. Don’t be afraid to seek help if you need it, because excessive worrying is dangerous for your health.


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