Sunday, May 17, 2015

My 30 Day Challenge

I have spent most of this year going back and forth with diet plans, exercise plans and just plans all around. I haven't seemed to be able to find one that really worked for me with my odd working hours. One day I could work 8 am-2 pm, then the next 2pm-11 pm, so finding something that accounted for most or some of my day being occupied by work was a tedious task.

    I of course scoured pinterest non stop and saved all the ones I would like to try; but for me I knew that spedning time pinning the ones I liked wasn't going to get me up and moving. So I ordered the Omron Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker with the hope that I will be able to complete the 30-Day Walking Challenge from My Fitness Pal. Since I do a ton of walking while at work I'm pretty sure this one will be a piece of cake for me :)

 I'm also going to try and count my calories and make sure I stay within an acceptable range, I've had some issues with this in the past, since I don't eat regularly, but here's to hoping I can stick with it this time. I've got a few apps on my phone that will allow me to scan the barcode of anything I eat, so this will make it easier when I grab a snack at work or even when I am at home.

I just hope that I can stick to this, I need to loose this extra 50 pounds I picked up over the last couple of years. I've noticed lately while working or even doing things around the house that my knees are starting to give out on me, and I'm just to young to be having knee problems!!


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