Thursday, July 23, 2015

Educational Summer Activities for Kids

Educational Summer Activities for Kids
   The summertime is all about getting out and having fun in the sun, right? Right! However, while kids think this is their time to take a break from learning and forget school, you should be thinking of ways you can have fun in the sun with your children while teaching them a few things too. The difference between this kind of education and the education they receive during school is that it’s more fun because it doesn’t appear to be structured…and you’re kids will be learning while they’re doing something fun. Below are several ideas to get you started this summer!

Go Camping: One of the best ways to teach your kids about nature is by getting out in it. You can easily do this by going camping for the weekend. Yes, you can take a travel trailer or camper, but chances are you’ll make more memories and have more fun by doing it the traditional way and pitching a tent. A few of the things you can teach your kids while camping is how to use a compass, how to bait a hook and go fishing, the things involved in setting up a campsite and much more.

Hiking: Another great way to teach your kids a few things about nature is by taking them to a trail and spend the morning hiking. Your children will get to see a lot of things they wouldn’t be exposed to in the back yard like different types of plants, rock formations, animals, insects and much more. This is also a great morning exercise for the entire family.

Traveling: Most families take a family vacation during the summer, but traveling doesn’t have to mean getting away for an entire week. Traveling on the weekends will suffice too. Traveling with your children will teach them a number of different things. First, you will be taking them to a variety of different areas where they will get to see things they haven’t seen before. However, you can also take the time in the car to teach them how to read maps – a skill many kids won’t learn with the invention of the GPS.

A Trip to the Zoo: If you have younger children, then take them to the zoo one sunny afternoon. Not only will they love looking at all of the animals, but they will get to learn about them too. Most zoos have interactive shows and activities for kids to help teach them useful information that they wouldn’t otherwise learn.

A Day at the Beach: If you live relatively close to the beach, then take the time to take your children every now and then. They’ll have a blast swimming, building sandcastles and looking for seashells. The great thing about the beach is that you don’t have to do much to teach them – especially if you have young children. Seeing the ocean in person is an awesome experience and will give your kids the chance to learn about seagulls, waves, high tide and low tide and a host of other things!


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