Monday, December 30, 2019

My Journey Part 1

Hi ya'll! Welcome to my Fitness Journey. 

A little back story for ya'll. In January,  2017 I weighed in at 155, was not as active as I should have been; but working a physically demanding 3rd shift job. I was not eating healthy at all, I would pretty much eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I was an everyday smoker and drank nothing but Mt. Dew.  To me, things were fine, yes I knew I should be doing better, but the doctors only ever told me that I should stop smoking; nothing else. 

About 10 days into January I started getting really sharp pains across my shoulder blades and own the backs of my arms. I honestly just thought it was pain from lifting heavy bags of trash and the old fryer oil at work; so I took some ibuprofen when I got home at 7 am and went on about my day. but the pain didn't stop, so I just continued to work through it and pop a pill when I went home.

January 20, 2017 I ended up falling asleep on the couch at around 5 pm. I had to be at work at 11 pm, so this wasn't actually unusual. Around 7 I woke up with what felt like a weight sitting right in the middle of my chest. I was having a little trouble breathing but not much. I got up and walked around a bit. The pain eased, but as soon as I laid back down it came again. Then I started to feel a tingling in my neck that went over my shoulders and down the middle of my back. So I went to the ER at about 9. Not really thinking anything, but when you tell them you have chest pains; they always go straight to heart attack. So they did all their tests, EKG, blood samples, blood pressure monitoring. Everything looked good; so they said it was heartburn and to use Rolaids. 

Went on to work and didn't really give it much more thought, ended up going through 2 packages of Chewy Rolaids in a 9 hour span. I would still feel the weight on my chest and was starting to get short of breath. When I went home at 8 am on the 21st. I automatically went to bed. I would wake up periodically with the weight and being short of breath, so I would chew another Rolaids and lay back down. Later on that night, the pain came. I was asleep and felt like what I could only describe as being stabbed in the middle of my chest. The pain traveled up my throat down my arms and around my back. So of course, back to the ER I went. Once again, hooked up to machines, blood taken; they came back with nothing. All my levels were normal. So I was sent home. 

Needless to say that the pain and weighted down feeling happened off and on all day and into the evening of the 22nd. I was napping on the couch at around 9 pm that night. Again the pain and weighted down felling came, so i got up and dressed for work. Right before I was getting ready to leave I started feeling like I was going to throw up, you know, the tingling feeling you get in your throat that moves to your jaw? But I didn't feel nauseous, just had the tingling and the stabbing feeling in my chest and back. Then my left arm went completely numb and i knew something wasn't right. My mom rushed me to the ER again. They hooked me up to the machines again, took my blood and within an hour I was on my way by ambulance to see a cardiologist at another hospital.

Wow, this has gotten extremely long! I'll post the rest tomorrow :) 

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