Monday, September 12, 2011

# guest post

Moving Down to be in Texas

Post contributed by Hilton Miranda

I moved out here to be with my husband since his company had transferred his position down here about 6 months ago and we’d been doing long distance ever since. It took a while to get our house sold and they kids were in school up until just a few weeks ago and we didn’t want to have to move them in the middle of the school year. Things have been pretty hectic the last few weeks from going to Www.TexasElectricityProviders.Com/to get our electricity to the movers getting lost on the way down here but I think things are finally falling into place and we’ll be able to get settled soon. My husband loves his new office and I think I’m close to finding myself a job at the kids’ school so all that’s definitely working out for the best. None of us knew a lot about Texas but thankfully dad’s been here for a few months to go ahead and learn the ropes before we came down!

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