Friday, October 14, 2011

Have Chronic Pain? Or know someone who does?

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Personally, I don't have chronic pain, but a few members of my family do/did. When my grandfather was alive, he was always in constant pain and the muscles in his arms would refuse to work at times. We used to have to massage his arms every few hours just to keep blood flow, and when he was in severe pain, nothing seemed to work. I know that we tried a multitude of different product and medications, but if you have ever experienced that level of pain you know how hard it is to get any relief.

LGMedSupply is a place that I wish we had access to years ago.They offer  TENS UnitsMuscle Stimulators, and Ultrasound Units for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation. Those would have come in very handy for my grandfather's arm and back pain.  They have a Dual Combo unit that has 8 treatment modes, and I am sure that we could have found a combination that would have worked for the pain. The company offers the units and accessories at a cheaper price than you would normally find at other Med supply stores or even from the doctor's office. And if your order is over $100 you qualify for free shipping, which isn't something you can find at most places, plus shipping is only $8.95 for orders less than $100, so either way; it would be cheaper to order from LGMedSupply.

LGMedSupply's pain relief products are used by thousands of patients worldwide, and they offer many different payment options, so you can feel secure in your choice. Visit LGMedSupply Online. 95% of all items are in-stock. You can also get additional information about them on their online customer blog.






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