Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Did It!! I finally created something I pinned!!

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I have been a Pinterest addict for months now, and have been pinning away at all the crafty diy things I can find. So right before Christmas I sat down and tried to figure out what I could make from the things I had pinned and what I had on hand. I came across this pin of a tree made from a book.


I remember doing something similar back when I was younger out of Reader's Digest books, but I couldn't for the life of me remember how to fold it!! So I followed the directions and once I got the hang of it,  in less than an hour I had my tree made from a paperback book! I didn't use the glitter on it, and I haven't decided exactly how I want it to look yet, but I know that they will be something that stays out all year instead of just for Christmas!! Here are my photos, and for the instructions just click on the photo from pinterest!!


Tree made from a paperback book




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  1. I am soooooo addicted to pinterest. I just recently got an account and just LOVE it. Cute craft btw. It came out perfect.