Monday, December 19, 2011

Saving Up

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Written by my friend Edward Mayer

We’re all about saving cash and when I saw an ad for direct tv free installation last month I couldn’t resist. My husband had been going to sports bars to watch the games he wanted to watch and that ended up costing us more than it would if we had the channels at home since he would end up drinking beer and driving miles and miles and spending money on pool and whatnot. So anyway, to keep him at home and for us to save up for the new house we decided to get the package and man has it been great. It’s been so cold this year thus far we’ve spent a lot of time hanging out at home and eating soup or hot dogs or some other “game food” as my husband calls it and you know, I really like the family bonding it brings about for the two of us. It’s been nice to spend time together in a way we’ve never experienced before.


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