Monday, August 20, 2012

Date Night Fashion with Oasap

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When the hubby and I got married in May, we said that no matter what we would take one night a month and go out just the two of us. For the last few months we have just been hitting the movies, but this past weekend the hubs surprised me with a night of dancing and dinner.
Now normally, we end up coming right home after our date, but this weekend, my mom agreed to watch the kids so that we could have some time to ourseleves without someone wanting mommy or daddy. With having a night of dancing, I knew I couldn't just walk out in a t-shirt and pair of jeans like normal.
Over the knee socks/stockings
I had a flouncy pink skirt that I had picked up at a yard sale 6 months ago, and while I wanted to be sexy but not too sexy, I hid a wonderful pair of over the knee socks/stockings for a little playfulness for the hubby.
The Over the Knee Socks with Rhombic Lattice But Out Details from were a great surprise for the hubby while I was twirling, and he really appreciated my effort to show my sexy side without broadcasting it to the whole club. While I did have to use some double stick body tape that I had on hand to keep the stockings up all night, my thighs are a little wider than some, the fit was perfect and I loved the peek-a-boo effect of the cutouts on the back. And I do have to say that the stockings looked great with my wedge sandals! At only $14.00 and with the free worldwide shipping offered at Oasap, I plan to stock up on some more great clothing items!

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*I received the stockings free from as part of their fashion blogger program.*