Monday, September 10, 2012

Hearts for Hearts Girls- Party Time! #HeartsforHeartsGirls

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We recently got to have a party just for the girls. And really what is more exciting, than getting to invite your friends over to play with dolls, eat awesome snacks and get a cool bracelet just for showing up? Harm and Sassy talked about the party for weeks and would always get the girls from school interested by talking about the dolls.
The girls have been asking for a certain doll, that I just couldn't justify spending that much on. But now that we have gotten the chance to see the Hearts for Hearts dolls, the girls have added them to their Christmas list instead! All of the dolls and their additional clothing items are very affordable and even the Deluxe dolls are not outrageously priced. We spent about an hour on the Heart for Hearts website letting the girls check out all the dolls and when they went home most either got to purchase their dolls or they were added to their wishlists.

We received two dolls for this party. We received Dell from USA and Consuelo from Mexico.
Hearts For Hearts Girls - Consuelo from MexicoHearts For Hearts Girls - Dell from USA
Each doll has a story and comes with their own accessories. All of the girls enjoyed their chance to play with Dell and one lucky winner got to take home Consuelo!

Each doll came with a Hearts for Hearts Girls bracelet, a mini book about the girls' life and brush to take care of your doll.
All the girls that attended the party had a great time. They would take turns playing with the dolls and making up fun little stories about them. I loved that they were learning about other cultures through their play and it wasn't the least bit boring to them.
Harm takes Dell everywhere she goes; except school, and most of the time Dell has a seat at the table with us. The girls have been more open to trying the foods associated with different cultures and enjoy reading anything they can about other cultures now.
I really loved these dolls and they were a huge success among the girls at the party.  I love having a story behind each doll.  It really makes them even more special.  To learn more about these adorable dolls visit them online at

I was selected to be a mommyparties host as part of a promotional program with MomSelect.  We love these dolls, all opinions are my own.


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