Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Daily Energy Drains... Or why I always have music playing

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Yesterday, I shared where I draw my personal energy from, today; I'll share with you which everyday tasks take up most of my energy.

On any given normal day, it was always picking up the toys left out from the previous night. I spent the hours while all three kids were in school roaming around the apartment picking up all the toys that they didn't get before going to bed. Then after all the toys were picked up, I would start cleaning; now if you read yesterday's post you know that when I need an energy boost I start a playlist and instantly feel rejuvenated, but when it comes to doing the same tedious tasks every single day, I get slack in doing them.
Since living in this small two bedroom apartment with three kids isn't really conducive to keeping a spotless place, I often found myself doing the same things every day, and don't get me started on laundry. I never knew such little people could go through so many clothes! Living in an apartment that does not let us have a washer or dryer, I have to take the laundry to a laundromat every time. So, I'd spend an hour each night gathering up and sorting all the clothes; then after getting the house mostly clean, I would pack everything up in the car and take it all down to the laundromat. Mind you this was not an everyday task, more like every other day, but I felt as though I was always doing something with the laundry. I will be so glad when we get into the new house this month, it comes with a washer and dryer. No more lugging those baskets from the house to the car!

                                                         Totally my new love affair!

One more thing that I find sucks the energy right out of me is HOMEWORK! With all three kids in a different grade, you can guarantee that each day someone will have homework. I try to let the kids do most of it by themselves, but find that if I do not stand watch they will zone out or do something totally different than what they are supposed to be doing. Sometimes I felt as though I needed to go back to school to become a teacher, just because I often times have to re-teach the kids' something they learned that day. It seems as if most things do not stick with them after coming home.

So, what daily tasks do you find drain your energy the most?  Do you have any homework tips for this frazzled mom?

This blog post is part of NaBloPoMo January 2013.  The theme this month is “Energy” and today’s prompt was “Which daily tasks take up the most of your energy?”  Check out other great blogs that are participating and feel free to join the fun! 


  1. I have to be honest - I dread the day that I have to help with Math homework. I wasn't bad at math, but I purposely forgot it all because it traumatized me that badly!

  2. I can often forget how hard it is to do laundry at a launder-mat, since I have had my own washer and dryer for eight years. I was recently reminded. Having large loads that don't fit in the small washer and dryer in my apartment and my own washer and drying moldering in storage I gathered everything to go the launder-mat. I wish to repeat that indecent as little as possible.

  3. I am glad that my daughter is now in college and I no longer help her with homework. Homework for kids = homework for parents!!


  4. have a washer and dryer in my apartment again. Someday I tell myself, Someday.

  5. Having a washer and dryer is awesome. I am fortunate that I have always had one, but my mom tells stories about taking me to the laundromat when I was an infant. She said it was hard and no fun. You'll love having your own set - and you'll probably wash less because you won't feel pressured that everything needs to be washed right away "just in case".

    Think about getting your kiddos to clean up their own toys - you shouldn't have to spend time cleaning up after them every night. My son has been picking up his own stuff since he could walk. He's 3.5 now and does it without me having to remind him. Everyone needs to "earn their keep" and pitch in to help run the household - that should include the kiddos!

  6. I just know I am going to love it, and I believe that once I get the bulk of the washing done, there won't be a need for it as much. I'll love being able to do just one load instead of 3 or 4. And the kids do pick up after themselves a lot more than this post let on. I mainly just pick up the things they have forgotten or missed and then do a quick sweep after they leave for school. The kids are really good about making sure the toys are in their rooms, sometimes you just forget where you left something or a tiny lego ends up under the table.

  7. Oh I'm counting down the days till we move in! I've been doing the laundry at the laundromat for almost 6 years now, and trust me, I'll be glad to NEVER step foot in there again!

  8. Laundry is the worst for me! We're still not at the hours of homework stage but i dread it lol