Saturday, July 25, 2015

Small Summer Activities to Do With Kids

Small Summer Activities to Do With Kids

   A lot of people feel that the summertime is all about going on vacations, tanning and spending lazy days swimming. While these things are great summer activities, there is much more that can be done during the months of summer. This is especially true for those of us with children. Below is a list of small summer activities that you can do with your children. Often times people feel that summer activities have to take up a large portion of the day, but this isn’t true. You can have a lot of fun and make great memories doing the little things below.

Plant Flowers: It’s true that planting flowers may get done quicker if you just do it yourself, but if you have young children it’s much more rewarding to take the time and let them help. Even if you dig the hole and place the flower in it and just let them pack in the dirt around it – they’ll love it. When you’re all done, the satisfaction you’ll see on their faces will make the extra time letting them help worth it. Additionally, because they helped plant the flowers, they’ll more than likely want to help water them throughout the summer, as well.

Make Homemade Ice Cream: One of the best treats enjoyed by all children during the summer is ice cream. So, why not make it a fun family tradition to make your own ice cream? Your children will enjoy and learn a lot as they help with the ice cream making process.

Plant a Garden: It’s important that children learn where their foods come from. So, one of the best ways to help them learn this is to show them. Take them to the store in late winter/early spring and pick out some packets of vegetable/fruit seeds. Then, when the weather is right, have them help you plant the seeds. They will enjoy watching the “fruits of their labor” begin to grow…and eventually get to eat them!

Take a Walk: Summer evenings are too good to let pass by while being indoors. So, take advantage of the great weather and take the entire family on a walk around the neighborhood. If your children don’t want to walk, let them ride their bikes or pull them in a wagon. The activity is very simple, but a lot of fun for everyone!

  Above are just a few of the many simple summer activities you can do with your children that are not only fun, but create great memories. Just remember that children are much easier to please than adults. Things like homemade ice cream, going to the park and water gun fights are just as much fun for them as big family vacations. Therefore, look for little things you can do together this summer and have fun! 


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