Saturday, June 25, 2016

101 Things in 1001 Days list... Update

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So, I've been hard at work on my list. I have even added a few more things to it!! So far only 1 thing has been completed, there are a few in progress and still a bunch I need to get started on!!

Today was the day I finally finished the one at the top of my list!
Listen to 26 bands/artists I’ve never heard of, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet

Here is the list of Bands/Artists that I listened to, I didn't listen to every song they came out with, but did listen to at least one albums worth of music!
 There were more than a few that I almost couldn't get through, but I powered on and even found a few new favorites!

A: America
B: blood on the dance floor
C: crown the empire
D: Dumblonde
F: Flume
G: G-Eazy
H: the Hollies
I: Ingrid Michaelson
J: Jacquees
K: Kent Jones
L: Little Mix
N: Nightwish
O: Out Of Eden
P: Primus
Q: Queens of the Stoneage
R: Roxy Music
S: Sterling Knight 
T: Ten Years After
U: Unhindered
V: Violent Soho
W: Wilson Pickett
X: Xavier Rudd
Y: You Am I
Z: Zara Larsson

What new music have you listened to? Let me know and I will go check them out!


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