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Side Show by Gigi Birtie Preorder

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Title: Side Show
Series: Lust & Chrome Duet #1
Author: Gigi Birtie
Genre: NA Romance
Release Date: November 13, 2018
Sloane Nova Cates always knew when restoring a classic muscle car that there was nothing more she would want than to see it put others to shame on the city streets of Oakland California. 
It is Sloane's senior year in high school and this year of course was going to be different, with her older brother Reese away at college Sloane is finally not under his watchful eye. Sloane would be able to have more freedom to talk to who she wants, and most importantly date who she wants but she never guessed that she would fall for a guy who went to school with her over protective brother, who happened to play college football together. 
Sloane also never knew who she'd meet at these side shows or how it would change her life forever. She would come to find out what type of trouble in wanting a boyfriend would bring her, and how a past mistake will threaten to take it all away.
As I squeezed through the crowd and bellied up to the bar I was asked what I wanted right away. 
The bartender came back with my beer, I threw him a twenty and called it good.
He smiled at me with a wink and I knew I was blushing, so I took a big gulp of my Pilsner. 
Just as I was looking for Mona, I saw him. 
He looked even better up close, as I was only a few feet away now, than earlier tonight at the strip. He was staring at me with those amazing green eyes. 
I felt frozen in place and couldn't move. I couldn't look away either. All I did was stand there and stare like an idiot with a stupid grin on my face, I'm sure! 
How mortifying. 
The one time, I see a man that I find remotely gorgeous, and I start to act like an idiot, but he seems to be getting closer so that means he's coming my way. I know I'm not moving as I've never been more rooted in place in all my life. 
“Hey, I saw you earlier tonight in that kick ass 442 right?” He says as he leans into me, since it's so loud with the music blaring. 
I'm completely blank out, all I can do is smell how wonderful he is and take in his features as he leans back from me. 
He puts his hand on my hip and leans in again. 
“Are you alright? Have you been roofied? Blink if you've been brought here against your will.” He smirks at me with the lopsided smile.
I shake my head snapping out of the fog he put me in and laugh at my stupidity. 
“Yes, that was me in the Olds, and no I have not been brought here against my will.” I say with a half laugh. 
Could I look more like a lame stain right now. It just goes to show you that I'm inept with flirting or attention coming from a man that I find attractive. 
“You know you're really skilled at spinning brodies! To my surprise it was a chick doing it too!” 
“What is that supposed to mean?” I glare at him. 
Like girls don't know how to spin donuts. 
“It's not bad, I'm just not use to seeing that.” He gives me his full blinding white smile. 
I couldn't help but smile back. 
“So, is that your boyfriend’s car?”
I laughed as soon as he said that. Being a woman that owns a classic car, you will get asked that every time you meet someone new. Like it's impossible that a woman would have interest in the classics all on her own. I try not to ever get mad when it happens, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood, but tonight I'm in the mood to keep this conversation going.
As a writer and photographer for publication such as magazines, television and radio, I find it easy to write an article or a jingle, but I always longed to write a romance novel. To have a challenge that’s longer than five hundred words. To really dive deep into all emotions that one gets from reading a killer novel. I can only hope I’m doing it right so that people will enjoy and feel the raw grit that I draw from in my personal experiences, that I indeed put into my work.
Though I’m starting this adventure late in my career I’m confident that this has always been the right choice and I’m thankful I finally grew a pair to make it happen. Once I started there was no stopping this crazy train! 
A few tidbits about myself is I love classic cars, motorcycles, going on crazy motorcycle runs, photography, writing and my puppy Bowie Brexlee Birtie, my dude of fifteen years, Mr Birtie who is a huge supporter of all the crazy things I get into, and of course I love reading romance novels!! Definitely not in that order. My girl Bowie is my number one above all things. She listens to all my book ideas, which basically makes her my writing partner. This is just some of what makes me who I am and I hope we all can form a rad writer/reader relationship!


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