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{Book Review} Strays by Sadie Munroe

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Title: Strays
Author: Sadie Munroe
Publisher: Sadie Munroe
Date: January 17, 2017
Pages: 163
Source: Purchased
Purchase: Amazon


Lindsey Cane is an outcast, always has been. Even her own parents didn't want her. But after a year on her own, she's finally ready to put her hated hometown behind her for good and track down her wayward mother. She has questions that need answering. But Lindsey isn't the only one with mysteries in her past and when Tyler Stratton, a former classmate who has been gracing milk cartons and missing posters for the past year shows up begging for her help, she does what he asks. She keeps him hidden.

Bruised, beaten and covered in strange swirling tattoos that weren't there before he went missing, Tyler is an enigma and a threat to Lindsey's carefully built facade of normalcy that has kept her safe. But Tyler has secrets of his own, and there are people looking for him. Dangerous people.

Now Lindsey is trapped. Captured and strapped to a gurney. Frog-marched down sterile white hallways. Locked in a ten-by-ten glass cell. Forced to watch, helpless, as one by one the other prisoners are dragged off for testing. Most come back broken. 

Some don’t come back at all. 

Desperate and scared, Lindsey plots her escape. But there are guards with guns and mysterious men in white lab-coats standing in her way. 

And her fellow prisoners are not what they seem.

I was so confused with this one up until the last 4 chapters. Lindsey the main character is on her own after her mother leaves, and her father vanishes. She works and goes to school all in hopes to graduate and leave town to find her mother. Pretty much each chapter switches from Then and Now, and you get bits and pieces of the story. Johnny, Lindsey's neighbor is pretty present in the now, and you can tell he has a thing for her, but all she wants is to leave town and she feels that being with him would cause her to be stuck.
Then Lindsey ends up in some sort of facility with others and you slowly learn what sort of facility it is. The ending left off on a major cliff hanger and I really need the next book to hurry up and come out so I know what happens next to the ragtag group who escaped.

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