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{Cover Reveal} Snatched by K. Sterling

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Title: Snatched
Author: K. Sterling
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: March 26, 2019
The fall of a powerful gangster is just the beginning…
It was just another crime scene and just another body as a turf war gripped the city but things take a shocking turn when Dr. Jake Tyler is abducted and the body stolen. Determined to restore his reputation and solve a crime without a body, Jake risks his life and career when he battles wits with the elusive and merciless head of an Irish crime family. Too stubborn to back down and take the loss, he’s determined to get answers and see justice served.
Sometimes, too much power is the hardest curse to break and Dilan O’Shea is trapped when his father goes into witness protection. Dilan’s devotion to his baby brother and fear for his family forces him into a life of deception and crime. The murder he’s determined to hide is the least dangerous of his secrets. It’s just another piece of the deadly high-stakes game Dilan’s playing when he snatches the snarky, hardheaded medical examiner.
Jake can’t keep his mind off the brutal mobster and the investigation gets complicated when they can’t stay out of each other’s way or keep their hands off each other. Dilan gets more than he bargained for and he has no choice but to trust a man he kidnapped at gunpoint. Can two men from opposite sides of the law solve a mystery together or will their inescapable passion cost them everything?
“Do the dead bodies ever get to you or are they just bodies because you don’t know them?” Dilan asked as he shut the dishwasher and Jake’s eyes swept upwards as he leaned back, against the counter across from him.

“A lot of times, I do know them,” Jake said and Dilan caught a brief flash of grief in his eyes and the set of his face. He was always sarcastic and loved to punch back but Jake rarely dimmed. “I never get used to seeing dead people,” he added and Dilan’s brows pulled together.

“Why do this, then? You seem like a competent and talented doctor. You could work with living patients,” he pointed out and Jake grinned.

“I’m an excellent doctor,” he stated. “In fact…” He twirled his finger as he nodded at Dilan, gesturing for him to turn around. Dilan turned and braced his hands on the counter then bit into his cheek as Jake stepped close. Goosebumps washed over Dilan as Jake pushed up the back of his shirt and his fingertips brushed against his skin. He rested his hand on Dilan’s hip and it burned as Jake bent to take a closer look. “This looks really good,” Jake said as he gently pressed into the flesh around the wound. “Does that hurt?” He asked and the words were hot breaths that had Dilan’s knuckles turning white as he held on tighter to the counter. It’s fucking killing me. He shook his head and pulled in an unsteady breath.

“It’s fine,” he whispered hoarsely and his eyes rolled as Jake’s fingers traced the length of the wound. Fire spread under Dilan’s skin and flooded his groin but Jake seemed oblivious and made a thoughtful sound as he stepped back.

“The stitches won’t have a problem holding and the wound will continue to heal cleanly as long as you don’t do anything too strenuous,” he said but Dilan wasn’t sure if he was ready to let go of the counter. He carefully turned, rolling his hip along the edge for support and leaned on his hand casually.

“See. You’re good at treating living people,” he said and silently exhaled in relief when it came out in his normal voice.

“I am but I’m kind of wasted on the living and sometimes, the evidence I find is the victim’s last chance at justice. I notice things other doctors miss or don’t care about and that’s the difference between seeing a wound and seeing evidence,” Jake explained and Dilan shook his head.

“How?” He asked then flinched slightly when Jake stepped forward and reached for him. Jake’s fingers hooked under the collar of Dilan’s shirt as he leaned close.

“I know you stitched this yourself,” he said as his neck craned and he studied the jagged scar on Dilan’s left pec. “The stitches tug and tear a bit in one direction because you used your non-dominate hand and no one with training would stitch anything this ugly. This looks like something off a Halloween prop,” Jake continued and Dilan nodded along but he wasn’t listening and he didn’t care. He was sinking again and hypnotized by the sound of Jake’s voice and the light waft of his breath. Dilan’s head lowered and angled as his lips hovered closer to Jake’s.

“It got the job done,” Dilan murmured. He had no idea what that meant but it made Jake snort as he looked up and their lips were so close and his eyes were so deep and warm as they caught Dilan’s.

“Oh, fuck,” Jake sighed as he leaned into him and their lips touched.

Oh, fuck, indeed.

A strangled, rumbling groan poured from Dilan as his hand curved around Jake’s jaw and his tongue swept into his mouth. They locked together so perfectly as Jake’s arm slid around Dilan’s shoulder and the other fisted in his shirt and pulled him closer. Dilan’s hand pushed into Jake’s hair as his arm tightened around him and the kiss became desperate and consuming. It seeped into every part of Dilan’s senses as he spilled into Jake. It was staggering, how good he tasted and felt in Dilan’s arms as they fought to get closer. Dilan ripped Jake’s head back so he could slide his tongue up his neck and immediately regretted it. A shredded cry burst from Jake as his fingers dug into Dilan, urging him on. He tasted like heaven and Dilan wanted to hear him scream his name and beg for mercy. But he was too good and Dilan hated himself enough already.

“I’m so sorry,” Dilan confessed against his ear then shut his eyes and cherished the damp huff of Jake’s breath against his neck as their chests pushed against each other frantically. He gave Jake a moment to become taut and wary again then eased him back. Jake’s glare was cold when it met Dilan’s before he shook his head and stalked out of the kitchen. Dilan gave his heart and the weight his regrets a few moments to settle then sent Roan an SOS and made Jake a cup of tea.
K. Sterling is just a very tired and anxious woman with a MacBook who writes to save her sanity. Writing also allows her to stay home and care for her dogs, Milo and the awful Otis, and one very abusive cat, Luna. K. has two teenage daughters who are the most teenage daughters to ever teenage and responsible for all of K.’s premature grey hairs. She also homeschools her teenage son, Alex. Alex has severe autism and is the inspiration behind K.’s most beloved character, Dr. Aiden Sharp. Before all this magical romance nonsense happened, K. served in the U.S. Army as a counterintelligence agent then went on to teach CI Investigations before changing careers and becoming a stay-at-home mom with Alex and the gang. K. has been married for many, many years to Mr. Sterling and he is currently leaving his very long career in counterintelligence to narrate his wife’s audiobooks. And other things.

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