Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Musical Energy Boost #NaBloPoMo

I've been dealing with moving and having no internet for the last few weeks and have fallen WAY behind on these #NaBloPoMo posts. But now it is time to play catch up so you will be seeing more of them this week than next week.

The topic for January 7th was: What is your favorite song that gives you energy?

The simple answer is all of them, the long answer which gets into more detail is that I love all types of music and if it isn't Celtic then it gives me energy. I love me some Celtic music, but I normally only listen to it when I am getting ready for bed; so my body is programmed to fall asleep listening to it. I have a playlist for just about everything I do during the day. There is the wake-up mix, all songs have an upbeat vibe; the Cleaning playlist which is a mix of pop, rock, and some alternative. The blogging playlist consists of just about everything, country, rap, rock, pop, alternative, and even some oldies! Right now, there is one song that is on every playlist and it is Hinder - Thing for You, it's an older Hinder song, but I love the lyrics and the music is something I can get into no matter what.

As I've stated in other posts during this NaBloPoMo, I'm a big music lover and will listen to anything, my playlists jump from rock to rap and then over to country with no rhyme or reason. I used to be really OCD about how songs were lined up on a mixed cd or playlist, and would only put the country with the country and so forth, but as I have gotten older it seems as though I like an eclectic mix more than the structure I used to freak out over!

So what is your favorite song to get an energy boost from?

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  1. I listen to lots of genres of music as well, but I will give a nod to an oldie too: Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the waves will have me up and out of my seat dancing every time.