Sunday, January 27, 2013

We need a mascot!

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Since I have been participating in the Winter Biannual Blogathon Bash, I've been checking out some of the mini-challenges, and while I know most of what they are talking about, I've realized that none of my social media accounts match the blog!! So, as I have been sitting here thinking, I've decided that My Chaotic Ramblings really needs a mascot, I'm not talking some tired old vector graphic that you have seen everywhere, we need a real live (stuffed) mascot. I've gone down my list of obsessions, and have hit a wall!

Here is my list:


Cookie Monster( though I know I can't use him, it is after all my nickname!)

Source: via Shelia on Pinterest


How about a cute Sock Monkey, since I do already have the pink one? My BFF has the other!
Sock Monkey

I'm open to ideas, I also love frogs, cows, cats! Though the blogs mascot doesn't have to be one of those!

Leave a comment here or on facebook with what you think should be our mascot! I'll make a poll right around February first and then you my dear readers get to vote for our mascot!!


  1. I like to Sock Monkeys! Maybe if you could get one in your blog colors?

  2. Thanks for your comment! I was thinking if we end up with the pink camo sock monkey, I could always change the blog colors, since right now this is just a temp layout!

  3. Cookie Monster would be an awesome mascot for sure! Lol! Good luck with your mission ;)

  4. What about something like a turtle?

  5. humm... That is a good question! Good luck finding your mascot! I do like the sock monkey. It is different!

    Stopping by from Review Bloggers!
    Julie @ Naptime Review

  6. Something chaotic and and a stuffie....hmmm?! The Tasmanian devil always seemed pretty chaotic to me but I do love the sock monkeys.