Friday, February 01, 2013

"I love you".. When was the last time you said it?

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Here we are again, I'm participating in the February NaBloPoMo, let's hope that nothing happens this month to make me miss most of it! I'm going ahead and getting a few posts pre-written, so hopefully, I have a chance to finish this month! February's theme is Love & Sex, and this is the perfect month for those prompts!

Today's prompt is: When was the last time you said, "I love you."?

I tell the kids each morning as they head off to school that I love them, and before they head to bed without fail. So, the short answer for this prompt, I said it this morning, and I will say it again tonight. If I want to go into detail, and not count the kids. The last time I said I love you was two weeks ago. Unless it is my mom or my kids; I normally don't say it out loud. Though I do show it every day in little ways. I have always felt that showing it means more than just saying it. So, I make sure to do little things daily to show those close to me that I love them, be it making something special for dinner, doing one of the kids' chores or just sticking a little note in a coat pocket. I've also been known to sit through a football game or two just to show my hubby that I love him and am interested in the things that he likes!

With Valentine's Day this month, everyone will more than likely spend one day showing those they love that they do love them, however, I have been thinking that maybe Valentine's Day could be made into an advent holiday! Just think, 14 small presents to say that you love someone, or more depending on what you choose! I'm already brainstorming ideas for the kids, and plan to pick most of everything up today while they are in school. I searched the web for ideas and here are some great little things you can do to show that special person that you love them!

All About You Basket (could be shrunk to 14 things I love about you for Valentine's Day)
Candy Bouquet(perfect for a big present on February 14th)
101 Ways to Show You Love Someone

And to you, all of my amazing readers.........



  1. Sometimes the small acts are just as important as the words. They do say actions often speak louder than words so I think the combination of both is very important!

  2. Showing your love through small gestures is a great idea - and how fun would it be to create an advent calendar for Valentine's Day. Maybe I'll try that for next year.

    I tell my son that I love him more often than I tell my husband, this is something that I am working on for 2013.