Monday, January 28, 2013

Could you never dream again? #NaBloPoMo

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Still playing catch up with #NaBloPoMo! Here is the January 8th prompt: If you could be given the option to never sleep and also never be tired, would you take it if it meant you'd also never dream again?

I don't think I would take the option to never dream again! I may not remember all of my dreams, and I may even wish that I hadn't had a few of them, but the ones I do remember are some of the best dreams! I've had dreams of my kids grown, dreams of loved ones that have passed, and even dreams involving actors and fictional characters from books. My dreams are sometimes my escape and sometimes they give me a sense of peace.

I lost my grandmother in August of 2011, I never got to say goodbye to her, and it tore me up for months. Right around the time that I was starting to slip into a depression, I had a dream about her. She was there, and we got to talk for a bit and we both said our goodbyes. After waking up, I felt so much lighter and I wasn't depressed. I know that dreams are just our subconscious minds playing things back, but I really felt better knowing that I got to say my goodbye, even if it was only real to me.
I have had some really awful dreams, nothing majorly nightmarish in terms of nightmares, but having dreams of death either mine or someone else's is never any fun. I am normally paranoid for days after one of those types of dreams. I spent one whole week when I was younger refusing to ride in any type of vehicle due to a dream where I died in a car accident. So while I would love to give up some dreams, I don't think I could give up them all.

What about you, would you give up your ability to dream just so you would never have to sleep again?


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