Sunday, May 01, 2016

{Review) I Like You Just Fine When You're Not Around by Ann Garvin

Title: I Like You Just Fine When You're Not Around
Author: Ann Garvin
Series: n/a
Publisher: Tyrus Books
Date: June 4, 2016
ISBN: 9781440595455, 1440595453
Source: Edelweiss

Everything is falling apart in Tig Monahan's life. Her mother's memory is going (dementia), her boyfriend is gone (Hawaii), her absent sister shows up long enough to have a baby (and then leaves again, without the baby) and her job as a therapist has disappeared after a contentious couples' therapy session goes horribly and honestly sideways. Oh, and then there's the whole thing about the family secret that nobody saw coming.
But Tig is a survivor (she hopes) who manages to stumble and step her way to a new job, new truths, new outlooks and a new lease on life.

My Review:

The book caught my attention from the blurb alone. Who wouldn't be sucked into a book about a therapist who seemingly needs therapy herself? 
Tig (Tiger Lily) Monahan is the youngest daughter of Hallie, Tig has been taking care of her mother for a bit, but when the book starts she has already placed her in a "nursing" home. Tig's boyfriend Pete shows up in the story after a disastrous therapy session where Tig blew up at the husband. We know that Pete is taking a sabbatical to Hawaii and wants Tig to come along, but she feels as though she can't leave her mother after just putting her in the home. 
So Pete leaves after telling Tig that he just isn't excited by her anymore and Tig seems to spiral a little out of control. 
There are a few twists and turns in the story, but I will not spoil it for other readers. 
 Tig was not one of my favorite female leads, and I just think to be a therapist she was extremely out of it most of the book and only really stepped up and showed she had a functioning brain in that head of hers the last few chapters. 

My Rating:


  1. Hmmm... Interesting. It seems like a good concept, but I'm not sure if I can deal with an annoying main character for 99% of the book. Is Tig really bad or not so much?

  2. To me she was annoying, I guess after reading so many books I "may" have a slightly low threshold for ditzy main characters :) I say give it a shot if you can get it cheap on kindle or from your library!

    1. I know what you're saying. With the huge TBR that I have, though (and the extremely picky criteria), I think I'll have to pass.