Friday, July 01, 2016

My favourite picture(s) of the month June

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I'm in a group that does "Electronic" swaps. This month I joined in my first group swap which was to send 1 or more of my favorite found photos for the month of June. I have had the following three photos as my desktop background for a few weeks now, and I knew they had to be included in this swap.

The first photo is from HERE, 2nd HERE, and 3rd HERE

I have a fascination with seemingly abandoned "trails". I normally have at least one found photo on my desktop each month. This one called to me one night while surfing on Tumblr.

I love all things pink! And I love the older bicycle styles, so when I stumbled upon this on Flickr I knew it needed to be on the desktop also!

When I do my desktop collages I try to always find a photo that screams out the season to me. And with it being full on summer here in KY, and missing the beaches of FL, this one brought back some great memories of the ocean.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite photos of the month for June!


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