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{Blog Tour} Divide And Conquer by Carmen Fox #Giveaway

Two women. One Prophecy. Zero places to hide.
How the hell does a physicist like Lea Daniels get dragged into a fight to save a magical kingdom? A lousy prophecy, that’s how. To survive, she must entrust her future to jaded warrior Nieve, whose kick-ass powers blatantly defy the laws of nature.
Nieve, for her part, isn’t exactly thrilled either about her new role as a mentor to a “chosen one” who can’t tell a sword from a hairbrush.
Together, the mismatched duo must protect Seattle, the world, and the realm beyond from the conquering ambitions of a cut-throat king. The good news is, they’re not alone. The bad news is that, as former foes assemble to take a stand beside them, it quickly becomes clear everyone has an agenda.

About the Book

Divide And Conquer
by Carmen Fox
Champions of Elonia Book One
Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Romance
Smart Heart Publishing
Publication Date
November 20, 2018
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“It’s not a lot of information.” I rose to my feet.

Markus followed suit. Despite being an inch shorter than me, he seemed taller. “It’s all the information you’re going to get. You’re not backing out of our deal, are you?”

If only I could. “Not at all.”

I stared at his well-proportioned face. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.

Markus gripped my shoulders and kissed me. His tongue prodded against my lips, trying to part them. I pressed them together with all my might, but he still pried them open. A spark zinged from my throat down my spine, and my insides did a three sixty, yet the sensation was the opposite of passion.

He dug his fingers into my flesh. My mouth opened wider to let out a cry, and he blew raw magic into me. A black veil fell over my eyes that seeped into my skin as his Shade power filled me, dark and oily, clogging my organs, my lungs, my blood.

I freed myself from his embrace and sucked in air to soothe the bubbles in my veins.

“You’ll be okay in a second.” He stroked my cheek, a weirdly tender motion considering he was my enemy. “These powers are temporary, but they should see you safely home.”

“Thanks. I think.” Slowly, I released my fists.

Markus laughed. “Anytime, my Angel. Anytime.”

Then I was dismissed. I stumbled out of his chamber, requiring my hand to support myself along the corridor.

Outside, the wind recognized the fresh power in my stomach and yanked me back into reality. I hadn’t asked for Markus’s help. My Elonian gifts would have been plenty to get me home, but Markus had to have his own way. He’d always known how to push my buttons. I shivered and walked on wobbly legs into the woods.

With one hand on the solid trunk of a tree, I took a deep breath. The feel of Markus’s hands, his Shade stink, clung to me like mud. At least I’d received the intelligence I’d come for. The rest I would hide away in my mind as simply another memory never to resurface.

Drawing on my new supply of magic, I sensed the earth around me. Before my mind’s eye, the history of every stone, every plant, and every tree in my vicinity unfolded. So this was what the Shades felt, what they saw. My nerves pulsed under the influx of information, even though part of me balked at this dark magic. I was an Elonian. The Old Ones hadn’t designed these powers for me.

From the vibrations under my feet, I had no trouble deciphering the guards’ positions, but to find my stallion, I had to consult my memory. Earth magic couldn’t detect the spell I’d placed on my horse. For the first time I understood the effect Elonian magic had on the Shades. Our magic showed their limits, reminded them they were not omnipotent. No wonder they hated us.

I bypassed the Shade’s military line and headed back to my horse. Too many things whirled through my mind. As a warrior, I wasn’t responsible for making sense of what I’d learned from Markus. That was my king’s job. What I did know was that maybe we’d better forget about training Lea, my new protégé. My chest tightened. The prophecy had guided me toward the one destiny all my life. A destiny which saw her fighting by my side. But Lea was too green, and we were out of time. This mission I’d have to do alone.

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