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Blog Tour: LOVE & VENGEANCE by J.A. Owenby

I’ve been touched by darkness.
So I know the light when I see it.

Love & Vengeance, an all-new dark and gritty new adult romance from bestselling author J.A. Owenby, is available now!

My light is a man who’s strong and loving …
yet he’s wrestling with his own haunted past.
He’s kneeling at my feet, asking me to marry him.
Hendrix is everything I’ve ever wanted and everything I thought I didn’t deserve.

My cake has been ordered. 
My wedding dress is ready.
But that darkness of my past is back once more.
I’d never let anything happen to ruin our special day, 
then a letter finds its way to me.
A letter written behind prison cell walls. 
Its promise: to shatter my world.
Three days before my wedding, he’s striding through the gates of prison …
Vowing he loves me more than ever before.

Can I hold on when my entire life starts to crumble? 
Will love be enough when I stand before evil himself?

Love & Vengeance is a dark, gritty, and emotional new adult novel. It’s recommended for readers who enjoy darker romance. May contain triggers for some readers.

Download your copy today or read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

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Pre-order the stunning conclusion, Love & Retaliation!
Releasing June 10th

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I picked up my phone, fumbling it in my shaking hands. It dropped to the floor, and I swore under my breath while I retrieved it. 

“Hey,” I said, trying to disguise the fear in my voice. 

“Where are you?” Pierce asked. 

Mac waved at me to hurry up.

“Hang on a second.” I tapped the mute icon and rolled my window down. “I have to take this call. Why don’t you go in and grab us a table? I’ll be in shortly.”

Her gaze narrowed at me. “Something has been a little off with you today. What’s going on?”

“It’s about the wedding. I just need to focus.”

Mac placed her hand on her hip, her toe tapping impatiently against the pavement. “Are you sure?”

“I swear.” I attempted a smile. “Get a booth in the back corner if you can.”

“Okay. I’ll see you in a few.” She headed in the direction of the entrance and glanced over her shoulder at me, her forehead creasing. 

I rolled up the window and unmuted the phone. “Sorry. Mac was with me. She had questions, and I needed to pacify her so we can talk. She knows something is off with me. I’m having a difficult time hiding it.”

Pierce chuckled. “Give her a hug for me.”

“I will.” An uncomfortable silence filled the line while I waited for him to continue. 

“Gemma, it’s not good.”

I gulped over a sudden lump in my throat as I lifted my head, glancing out the window at the Spokane River. “Just say it. Please.”

“Brandon will be released three days before your wedding.” Pierce’s voice was low. Haunted. 

“Dammit.” I white-knuckled the steering wheel and drew in a deep breath in order to contain the turbulent emotions that had erupted inside me. Fear, my forgotten friend, settled in next to me and wrapped her frigid fingers around my heart. 

“You need to tell Hendrix tonight. I’ll assign bodyguards to everyone. You guys are my family and top priority.”

My head throbbed as I tried to absorb the news that the son of a bitch would be free again. “I have to wrap my head around this before I tell Hendrix.”

I imagined Pierce rubbing his face, determination settling into his handsome features. “Would it help if we met with Franklin tomorrow morning? Let’s see what legal rights you have and put a restraining order into place. Then we can talk to Hendrix.”

I hesitated. “I need to tell Hendrix. He’s not going to be happy that I hid the letter for a few days, but I had to know the truth first,” I said, my voice cracking. I nervously played with an imaginary string on my shirt. “Text me what time to meet with you and Franklin. Right now, I have to pretend nothing is wrong and have dinner with Mac.”

“I will. And Gemma?”


“We have almost four weeks to prepare for his release. Try to breathe.”

“Thank you. I need the reminder.” I rubbed my temples, teetering on a full-blown headache. 

“I’m going to speak to Franklin and fill him in. I’ll text you in a little while.”

“Dammit, he’ll call Hendrix. Before you say a word to him, make him promise he’ll wait to talk to Hendrix until after we meet tomorrow. Please, Pierce. Franklin is going to flip his shit.” My chin trembled with my words. 

“I know he will, but I won’t explain anything to Franklin until he’s given me his word that he won’t tell his son. Gemma, I realize you’re scared, but Franklin is on your side. He’ll want to dig into things before he talks to Hendrix. Go eat. Talk to your fiancé and let me take care of Franklin.”

My stomach growled in agreement. “Okay. Thank you. I’ll talk to you later.” My head swam, and my breathing came in short bursts as I battled with my anxiety. Gritting my teeth, I willed myself to calm down. Regardless of how I felt inside, I had to be strong.

About J.A.
J.A. Owenby lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband and cat.

She's a published author of six short stories, and she is currently working on her ninth full-length novel. She also runs her own business as a professional resume writer and interview coach--she helps people find jobs they love.

J.A. is an avid reader of thrillers, romance, new adult, and young adult novels. She loves music, movies, and good wine. And call her crazy, but she loves the rainy Pacific Northwest; she gets her best story ideas while listening to the rain pattering against the windows in front of the fireplace.

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