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{Blog Tour} Reckless Conduct by M.T. Morgan

Reckless Conduct, an all-new sensual dark standalone romance from bestselling author M.T. Morgan is available now!

My life has never been simple, yet, it's always been comfortable. Until the first day of my senior year when I walked into Mr. Boyd's class, and I knew, something was deeply wrong with me.

It started out small. A slight obsession that quickly gave way to full on lust.

His words were cruel, his actions comforting.

He opened me up, pulling out my deepest secrets. Revealed the truths of my nature I'd never confess.

He promised he would break me, fix me of my bratty ways.

Somewhere between the secrets and discipline, I got lost. Got wrapped in the illusion of us.

The thing about illusions, they eventually break. And I, Callum Madison, am falling in love with a man I can never have.

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Turning for the door, I stop mid stride, spotting my grumpy teacher sitting in the sterile white chair of the cockhole coffee shop. Smiling, I walk over to him. He sips his coffee, I bet its black with absolutely zero fun flavors in it. Black and bitter like him. “Hi, Mr. Boyd.”
He sighs, looking up at me with his ashy eyes. “Can’t stay away from me, can you?” He sits his coffee down, phone resting next to it. “Should I get a restraining order?’
Honestly, he probably should. My cheeks heat with frustration and embarrassment. “That won’t be necessary.” I fix my bow, his eyes track the movement, staring a little longer than anyone should, before his eyes snap back.
“Is there something I can help you with?’
“Yeah.” I take a seat and his eyes narrow. “I checked my grades, and it seems I’m failing your class. Weird, huh?” I laugh a little even though failing is so not funny.
“Not weird. But if you’d like to discuss your grade, you know when my free period is.”
My foot stomps in protest under the table. My lust and frustration clouding my judgment. “But Mr. Boyd.”
He startles me, leaning over the table so fast my eyes cross and lose focus as he gets in my face. “Are you always so bratty?” He growls.
My heart races and I feel a little breathless as I whisper, “only for you.”
His eyes twinkle as he leans back, giving me the space and air, I don’t want. “We’ll discuss your grade in detention on Monday.”
“But I don’t have detention.”
“You do now.” He takes a sip of his coffee. I watch his Adams apple bob. And its…
“For what?” I widen my eyes at him.
“For bothering me on a weekend.”
“You can’t-”
He cuts me off, “just did. Have a good weekend, Miss. Madison.” He dismisses me by picking up his phone, his thumb scrolling over the screen.

About M.T. Morgan
She lives in Texas with her husband and two children. She enjoys reading a good fantasy/PNR romance as well as a good cup of coffee. She has old lady tendencies even though she's in her mid-twenties. And writing her own bio is very cringy worthy to her.

M.T. Morgan tends to bounce around the romance genre. She may make you laugh, cry and cringe. It just depends on her mood.

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